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Who We Are
Passion. Artistry. Variety.  COLES 735 MAIN is a restaurant that gives visitors the chance to enjoy fine dining in a casual, yet chic atmosphere. From the distinctive decor that reflects the charm and beauty of the French countryside, to the locally-sourced ingredients and rustic indoor bar, COLES 735 MAIN makes the entire dining experience one to remember. With a love for food and constant variety, Executive Chef Cole Arimes crafts a menu that keeps guests coming back time and again.

colearimesOur Chef - Executive Chef Cole Arimes
As a native Lexingtonian with long-time family roots in the culinary industry, Executive Chef Cole Arimes combines local inspirations and international flavors at COLES 735 MAIN. After years of experience as a chef in Cincinnati, Arimes wanted to bring his vision of an eclectic, yet simplified menu of classic dishes not limited by theme to Lexington's dining scene; and he has done just that.

After being raised in Lexington's Ashland neighborhood and attending Centre College, Cole began his career at the Joseph-Beth Cafe in Cincinnati in 1994. From there, he transitioned to the kitchen of a Maisonette Group restaurant and discovered a deep-rooted passion for cooking.  At his most recent position as the Executive Chef at Embers Restaurant, a contemporary American Steakhouse, Cole's creative fusion of international flavors with upscale steakhouse offerings brought him acclaim. 18 years later, he returned to Lexington with vision, expertise, and a flair for creativity.

When asked about his inspiration for creation in the kitchen, Arimes replied, "One of the best parts of cooking is being able to bring a good feeling to those who are eating." Cole's passion for food is clearly reflected in the eclectic and memorable dishes at COLES 735 MAIN.

The building that now houses COLES 735 MAIN has long been a Lexington landmark.  Of the many local businesses that have occupied the charming brick structure on the corner of East Main Street and South Ashland, the first was a well-known restaurant – The Stirrup Cup.  Built in 1938, The Stirrup Cup served traditional Kentucky classics to residents and out-of-town visitors for years.  Today, another well known Lexington restaurant even features a dish titled “The Stirrup Cup Hot Brown,” named for the traditional Kentucky dish served there.

historic photo of restaurantSince the closing of The Stirrup Cup, the building has held a pharmacy and many other restaurants, including Le Café Francais, Hall’s on Main, and most recently, Furlongs.  

To open COLES 735 MAIN, Cole and family worked tirelessly to reinvent a historic city landmark. The team embraced the historic beauty of this 1930’s building, restoring and renovating the unique architectural elements.  One of the focal points of COLES are the three restored English hunt scene murals, painted for the restaurant in 1949 by local art teacher Theresa Newhoff.  With local faces painted into the scenes, an official “Blessing of the Hounds,” and what may even be a bullet hole in one mural, COLES 735 MAIN is brimming with history and one-of-a-kind character.